5 Summer Dressing Pieces That Everyone Should Have Beforehand

Who said Summer is the time to dress up? With high temperatures and scorching sunlight, dressing up in the summer season is useless. For instance you dress up right now and two hours later you will have to change the clothes into dry, clean ones. However this doesn’t mean you completely give up on looking good. Where winters have their own fashion styles like long coats, sweaters, hoodies etc, similarly summers are all about comfort and satisfaction. You wear breezy light weighted clothes that don’t make you feel warm inside. For those confused about how to dress this time when summers are so close, here is a short guide on what to wear during the upcoming season.

1. White T-Shirts:
White t-shirts are one of the most versatile clothing options available . They can go perfectly well with anything beneath, whether pants, skirts, shorts, jeans, or even maxi dresses. No matter what if you’re going to a business meeting or just lunch with friends, opting for a creased white shirt can help you get into character and nail the look.

2. Boyfriend Jeans:
As I said before, summer season is all about comfort and what’s more comfy than boyfriend jeans? These loose and convenient trousers not only feel good on the body but look stylish and chic too when paired with the right top. Go on wearing t shirts or tank tops when opting for boyfriend jeans.

3. Sun dress:
As the name suggests, sun dresses are exclusively designed for sunny days when the heat is excruciating. These dresses are short, loose and soft which makes them the perfect fit to wear during hot days. The flowy shape and thin fabric allows air to easily pass through these dresses making you feel comfortable.

4. White sneakers:
white sneakers are probably the most trending type of footwear throughout the world. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, these sneakers can be paired with literally anything and they’ll end up looking as fine as ever.

5. Sunglasses and SPF:
The most essential accent that needs to be worn during summers is your glasses. Whether you wear them to flex or to actually protect yourself for this sun, glasses look sassy and chic. With time there have been many shapes of glasses like cat eye, aviators etc, out of which you can pick your favorite one. Lastly, wearing an SPF sunscreen is probably the number one thing to do before going out. This not only helps fight stubborn tan lines but will keep you looking younger and more youthful after a few months of usage.

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