How To Incorporate Black Leggings In Your Daily Life

How to incorporate black leggings in your daily life

Black leggings are probably one of the most flattering clothing choices for women. Being an easy and convenient way to transition from day to evening, these leggings look good with almost everything. Let it be a dress, T-shirt or a pullover hoodie, you can match leggings with literally anything. Every girl owns more than a few pairs of these cute tights.

How to Pair Black Leggings With Different Outfits?

1. Neutral Tones: Being one of the chic outfits of tumblr, black leggings paired with soft oversized sweaters in neutral shades make a cute cozy outfit. The sweaters can be in colors like charcoal grey or beige. You can wear this casual style in the streets with sneakers or ankle boots.

2. Leather jacket: Transform basic daily black leggings by topping them with a leather jacket and chic ankle boots.

3. Tunic: Black Leggings are the perfect combo for an oversized shirt or tunic. Throw on a cute button-up tunic with leggings and finalise your look with cut shoes or ballet flats for a regular day at work.

4. Printed tops: Contrary to popular belief black leggings make a complementary set when paired with a plaid or printed blouse.

How to Wear Leggings In Different Seasons

Enjoy the comfort and style of leggings in all seasons with these glamorous combo. These looks are recent and will keep you up to date all year.

Summer: wear a delicate coloured cropped tank top with a pair of three-quartered floral printed leggings and strappy sandals.

Spring: The fresh spring air is what goes with casual athletics. Appear elegant in whatever you occupy yourself with. Combine flowy tank tops, cute bralettes and sporty leggings in a range of cool colours. Give yourself an ending touch with your smartest sneakers.

Fall: As you begin to put on layers, incorporate leggings in black, grey, navy or dark shades of red wine or burgundy. Add chunky knee-high knit socks and booties.

Winter: When winter arrives, wear thigh high boots with leather leggings and a trench coat for a classy and sophisticated look that will keep the cold away. Leggings can also be worn in winter with a sweater dress or a sweatshirt.

Where are you heading off wearing your leggings? Are you going with family on a backpacking trip or going to meet your girl for dinner at the neighbourhood diner? Let us know your perfect ways and places to wear leggings. Do look at the ways our bloggers carry black and leather leggings out.

How To Look Classy Without Spending A Fortune

How To Look Classy Without Spending A Fortune

As much as the world is advancing, beauty standards are being influenced as well. With the revolution of other sectors, the fashion industry also goes through major changes and innovations. The latest look, appreciated by almost the entire world is the “contemporary classy look” that’s chic but sophisticated.
But how do you manage to look like that? Women try achieving this look and end up throwing away all their money but to no avail. If you are someone inspired by the “classy” makeover, here a few tips that might come in handy and save you a few dollars.

1. Wear minimal jewelry: Some women think contemporary looks mean you should wear nice expensive jewelry like diamond or platinum etc. However the truth is that in the classy style, you have to wear the most decent and minimal jewelry accents like pearl tops, pendants, bracelets etc.

2. Dress modestly: Dressing classy absolutely doesn’t mean you go about wearing revealing clothes. That’s an entirely different style. When you look classy, you look elegant and modest. Which is why when trying to go for this specific look it’s advised to keep most of your body parts covered.

3. Perfect fitting is essential: classy clothing is usually official and has to be absolutely perfect. When going for a classical look it’s crucial to get your dresses tailored according to your body size and shape. Your clothes should neither be too loose and baggy nor too tight and fitted. Just make sure your body shape is evident through your clothes without the fabric squeezing your curves.

4. Avoid patterns and plaids: Sophisticated styles are more sober and mature instead of lively and casual. This is why when dressing classy, you should avoid wearing shirts and skirts with flowers, drawings or funky colors. Solid neutrals are the best friends of the “classy style”. It might seem boring and too light for some people, but adding minimalistic jewelry, decent shoes and a stylish bag can complete the overall look.

5. Wear premium fabrics: Last but not the least, in fact very important, whenever you’re going for a classy sombre look, always wear fine quality fabric that looks classy. This means avoid wearing clothes that have an average looking fabric. Always make sure your clothes are properly ironed and wrinkle free.

As mentioned earlier, classy clothing doesn’t have to be expensive. You can easily purchase cheap items that can be matched to make the perfect suit. Fashion is supposed to be your identity, not something that would rip you off.

5 Summer Dressing Pieces That Everyone Should Have Beforehand

Who said Summer is the time to dress up? With high temperatures and scorching sunlight, dressing up in the summer season is useless. For instance you dress up right now and two hours later you will have to change the clothes into dry, clean ones. However this doesn’t mean you completely give up on looking good. Where winters have their own fashion styles like long coats, sweaters, hoodies etc, similarly summers are all about comfort and satisfaction. You wear breezy light weighted clothes that don’t make you feel warm inside. For those confused about how to dress this time when summers are so close, here is a short guide on what to wear during the upcoming season.

1. White T-Shirts:
White t-shirts are one of the most versatile clothing options available . They can go perfectly well with anything beneath, whether pants, skirts, shorts, jeans, or even maxi dresses. No matter what if you’re going to a business meeting or just lunch with friends, opting for a creased white shirt can help you get into character and nail the look.

2. Boyfriend Jeans:
As I said before, summer season is all about comfort and what’s more comfy than boyfriend jeans? These loose and convenient trousers not only feel good on the body but look stylish and chic too when paired with the right top. Go on wearing t shirts or tank tops when opting for boyfriend jeans.

3. Sun dress:
As the name suggests, sun dresses are exclusively designed for sunny days when the heat is excruciating. These dresses are short, loose and soft which makes them the perfect fit to wear during hot days. The flowy shape and thin fabric allows air to easily pass through these dresses making you feel comfortable.

4. White sneakers:
white sneakers are probably the most trending type of footwear throughout the world. Whether you’re a girl or a boy, these sneakers can be paired with literally anything and they’ll end up looking as fine as ever.

5. Sunglasses and SPF:
The most essential accent that needs to be worn during summers is your glasses. Whether you wear them to flex or to actually protect yourself for this sun, glasses look sassy and chic. With time there have been many shapes of glasses like cat eye, aviators etc, out of which you can pick your favorite one. Lastly, wearing an SPF sunscreen is probably the number one thing to do before going out. This not only helps fight stubborn tan lines but will keep you looking younger and more youthful after a few months of usage.